Open access for laymen and experts

IFICAH is the open forum for subject matter qualified transfer on an international level. Interested laymen as well as academically educated experts can widen their interests, deepen their experience, exchange ideas and put them out to discussion.

The results of IFICAH’s research projects and studies are made available to the international public by embedding them consequently into  our own open-access-platform. They will be continuously updated and extended with presentations of scientific work.

Did you know…

  • …that in Indonesia “evil” spirits are venerated as well? It is for the simple reason that there can be no good without evil, just as there can be no light without shadow.
  • …that - not only in Japan – attempts have been made for what feels like an eternity, to replace “Urushi”, the Japanese natural lacquer, by chemical substitutes? It is fortunate that so far all attempts have failed proving what a fascinatingly unique substance “Urushi” is.