International culture identification

IFICAH Foundation develops medium-term and long-term concepts to establish cooperation between internationally orientated companies respectively Asian based companies and cultural projects promoted by our foundation.

In doing this we facilitate intensive and professional working partnerships allowing companies within a mutual win-win-situation to establish increased acceptance within the global market.

Planning and finalization of the project will be done flexibly and sensitively keeping a close focus on target groups.

Contact us, talk to us to find so far unnoticed opportunities and perspectives for culture identification.

Did you know…

  • …that European sailors started in the 18th century to export gold leather wall covering to Japan? There however it was not used as wallpaper but repurposed to make tobacco pouches. This again influenced the decor of containers made for medicine and pipes.
  • …that hair sold to brush manufacturers was very often hair of female pearl divers? The permanent exposure to salt water made the hair exceptionally elastic and was therefore perfect for wide brushes.